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This week, Taqi Jaffri joined me to go over some of the new developer features in Windows Phone 8.

Previously, Peter Torr joined us to talk about exactly _what_ Windows Phone 8 is, and why it was such an enormous shift from an architectural perspective, but I realized that we didn't really get a chance to talk about the new developer features. 

Here are some links to related information:

  1. Introduction to Windows Phone 8, and its new end user features, (Meet Windows Phone 8)
  2. Implementing the new WP8 live tiles in your applications, and the new tile templates, (in MSDN Library, and at BUILD)
  3. Lock screen notifications and wallpaper provider, (in the MSDN Library, also see the live tiles session at BUILD in line 2)
  4. Building a Lens application (and Funny Faces), (in the MSDN Library, and at BUILD; Rene Schulte's Funny Faces application in the Windows Phone Store)
  5. More info on Kid's Corner
  6. Data Sense APIs, (in MSDN)
  7. Wallet Hub, (in MSDN Library and at BUILD)
  8. Custom protocols & file associations, (in MSDN Library and at BUILD)
  9. Kevin Gallo's release of the SDK at BUILD 2012
  10. Windows Phone's sessions at BUILD 2012
  11. Windows Phone Toolkit on Codeplex
  12. Using the new Maps control, (in the MSDN Library and at BUILD)
  13. Using background execution in your mapping apps, (in the MSDN Library, and at BUILD).
  14. Fast Resume, (in the MSDN Library)
  15. Information about application compatibility in WP8, (in the MSDN Library)
  16. Page on What's New in WP8 for Developers
  17. Azure Mobile Services for Windows Phone, (and session from BUILD)
  18. Windows Phone Dev Center
  19. Code Samples on the Windows Phone Dev Center, (official)
  20. Windows Phone Developer Blog

A critical new developer capability in WP8 we did not talk about in this session was support for native C++ application development. Here are a couple of sessions from BUILD 2012 where we really got into this:

  • Sam George on Native C/C++ Game Development in WP8, (at BUILD)
  • Peter Torr on Using C++ in your Applications on WP8, (at BUILD)




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