IWP50 - Introducing Unity for Windows Phone Development

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    Will the Windows Phone support free in Unity? The addons for iOS and Android cost at least 400 dollar

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    Well done! I need more information on plugins development, especially for in-app purchases and ads.

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    I realize it's politically incorrect to consider a person's accent with the quality of a screencast, but some people will not watch if they cannot easily understand what's being said. I seriously don't feel comfortable saying this, but it has to be said.

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    Anita Kerin

    its fantastic

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    We need XNA 5.0 or FULL financial support of MonoGame by Microsoft. Unity is no match to Visual Studio for developers.

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    Nothing wrong that you sending this stuff. pretty inspiring but te sound is crappy. sorry but i think you can do better..

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    Nokia all software apps uplode channle 9 microsofte windose account subscsribe & feedback

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    Saad Anees

    i don't like the accent of the person sitting on the right side.

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    Nice avatars! Just posing to see if I'd get one automatically (like a gravatar) :)

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    Great!!! But xna? It's Death in visual studio 2012.

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    No puedo buscar a una persana

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    Ikenna Osi

    Is it free? Where do download the addon?

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    when it will be available for download?

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    Hi everyone.

    I downloaded Unity 4.1.5. But It not inside Windows Phone Platform in this version. I think, there are Windows Phone Platform in the Unity 4.2. Where am I download Unity 4.2. 

    Thanks in advance...

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    Nice! -  but XNA 5.0 should do the same.
    Accent is nothing, the idea is everything! (to Saad Anees & Luzi - learn Russian, until it's not late Smiley )

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    Siverlight, WPF, XAML, ZUNE, XNA, when will people learn, MS don't know what they're doing and have to wait for others to show them the way, pretty much like their actions on the Internet, tablets and mobiles, windows 8, NFI

    The only things they've got right
    supporting jQuery
    Supporting Unity 3d

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    esta pregunta es que no puedo intalar mi windows phone a mi pc con windows 7 intale el programa windows phone i cuando se conecta me dice telefono bloqueado y el controlador dice que no intala rm-846-nokialumia que puedo hacer espero su respuesta en español gracias

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    WP7 or WP8??

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    luis benjamin

    no se nada de englis

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    When is XNA 5 coming instead of this "stuff"?

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    I 2nd+ XNA coming to windows(phone) store apps

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    Ariadne Lish

    Can Unity be downloaded on a school's network?

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    I reckon that is why the guy on the left is in there. To assist with presentation due to other gentlemen's (Right) accent. It's all fine.

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    Gracias por la infoo!!!

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