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What code samples do we have and how do you get them? We try to create and maintain a large number of code samples covering a wide array of developer scenarios. In this episode we're going to spend some time going over a few of the samples that are available, as well as some ways to find them.

Here are links to some of the resources we discussed:

Please let us know any questions you may have, or feedback.

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The Discussion

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    Great video!

    I want to see more like this one. I would also want to learn more about MVVM best practices.

    I'm myself struggeling with building a rather simple solution that loads data into a LongListSelector as it is scrolling. I then want the data to be cached locally by some data service. I don't want to make things complicated - be over-doing it, to say.

    How are you guys at Microsoft building such solutions? How is it done in the People hub? I feel like I need a complete reference project for that scenario.

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