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Today we were joined by Matthijs Hoekstra, who gave us the lowdown with regard to how Windows Phone meets the needs of the enterprise developer.

Here are links to some resources that go more in depth on the topics we discussed. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

The Windows Phone for "Business" page

From Tech Ed North America 2014

From the official developer documentation

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The Discussion

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    What is the enterprise story for when a 3rd party developer produces a solution for an enterprise that includes a Windows Phone component? How does the 3rd party package and distribute the Windows Phone application such that it is private to the 3rd party and the 3rd party customers?

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    David you need to provide the XAP to the 3rd party or publish it to the store and create some way to give them access by an account or token etc. There is no volume license kind of thing at the moment.

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    @Matthijs: If I'm understanding this correctly, the 3rd party developer builds the Windows Phone application and packages it in a XAP (not sure if it is signed or not signed at this point by the 3rd party developer).  The XAP is then given to the enterprise where they can sign it and publish it in their private store.


    What about enterprise customers who do not run a private store (i.e. small customers)? Can the 3rd party developer run a private store? This must be where you mention "give them access by an account or token". It seems like the customer's machines could only be enrolled in one store and in the case of a smaller customer it wouldn't make sense to have them NOT be enrolled in Microsoft's public store. This area is foggy.

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    Dave, first part is correct. Company signs the XAP themselves. Other scenario is publish to the MS store (no signing needed, MS does that) but you need to provide a way to only allow them access to the app via a login or something. You don't enroll in the MS store. That's Always available for users.

    A 3rd option could be you sign the XAP and provide the XAP and the AET to the customer but they need to manually distribute the AETx file and the XAP to the users.

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