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    Ben Gladman

    Could you clarify something about private distribution for me? My code signing certificate lasts for a year. When it expires, do the apps I have signed stop working? Do I need to renew my code signing certificate, create a new aet, and get all the users to install the new aet? And do I need to create a new xap signed with the new certificate and get all my users to reinstall the app?

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    Ben, you need to get a new certificate, create a new AET and distribute the new AET to all your users. You don't need to resign your xap's. The runtime extracts the publisher id from the signed apps and checks if the phone has a valid AET, if yes, the app launches.

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    I've followed the steps. But the certificated doesn't show that i have a private key for it. So i can't export it to PFX. Is it a problem in certificate i've downloaded from Symantec ?

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