IWP76: Matt Hidinger on Live Tiles in Windows 8.1

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This week we've got Matt Hidinger, Program Manager for the Live Tile Platform on Windows, to chat with us about the new features of Live Tiles in Windows and Windows Phone, and What Developers Need To Know (TM).

Here are some related resources you may be interested in:

Matt's talk from Build 2014

Tile Template Catalog

Great Official Live Tile Samples from Microsoft: (1) App Tiles and Badges, (2) Secondary Tiles, (3) Periodic Background Agent for Tiles and Toasts, (4) Pinned Site

Comprehensive overview of Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center in Windows Phone, from the Windows Phone 8.1 Jumpstart Training.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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The Discussion

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    Where can I get the code for

    1) TileHelper class

    2) Rendering xaml to png

    I tried looking from them in the 4 samples you listed but did not find either one of them.

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