Inside Windows Phone # 35 | Ali Heron from Microsoft Advertising talks Ads

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Welcome to Inside Windows Phone #35, in which we speak with Microsoft Advertising Program Manager Ali Heron about how to make money with your Windows Phone application.

Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

Pubcenter, where you set up your account

Official documentation for using the Ad Control in Windows Phone applications, in the MSDN Library

Sample code for using the Ad Control, from the MSDN Library

Latest version of the Ad SDK, on MS.COM downloads

Article on details about using the Ad Control from MSDN Magazine, written by some of our engineers.

Case study of MS Ad Control vs. Others

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The Discussion

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    Dan Colasanti

    The developer who described switching between ad-networks was likely me. A few weeks ago at the Global MVP Summit I spoke with various Microsoft Windows Phone team members about my AdStreamer(TM) SDK, which wraps Microsoft's Ad SDK, AdDuplex, and others. It's currently in Private Beta and is being updated one more time prior to release this Spring. Learn more about it on the ImproviSoft Blog:

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    Well I am making $0.40 a day, through 1500 impressions a day.
    Rather dissapointing because the MS Adcontrol only really perform in the US. Hardly any impressions are being served from outside the US. Despiyte messing about with the Ad Unit categories to get some decent Impressions.

    At least AdMod delivers impressions outside of US. Confriming the general advide to switch to other Ad SDKs for non US Markets. (c.f. Perez multiple Ad control solutions)

    Why can MS not identify National Market from the Carrier, like the other SDKs. This would avoid Asking User to accept Posiitoning for our Apps (Which User user reluctant to allow), and would provdie better National relevant Ads to all those Markets outside the US.

    MS Advertising really needs to improve the Ad performannce outside the US !

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    The most important factor in monetization with ads is how popular your app is. Fine tuning the targeting, etc. is only important if you have what to work with (users/usage)

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    @Dan: @ailon:

    Yep I was referring to Carlo

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    What about windows 8 in app advertising?

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