Inside Windows Phone #02: The Beta Release and the Roadmap to RTM

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    > We are learning and did RTM on-time

    Errr... the video is talking about the beta and RTM of the developer tools while the link above is talking about RTM of the os itself, so you mean Windows Phone Developer Tools has been RTMed at the same time of Windows Phone OS RTM ??? or what ?? Devil


    I thought the Developer Tools will be RTM on 16 Sep , right ? Perplexed

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    felix9, nice catch..

    The OS has RTMed. you can read Terry's announcement.  The tools are coming very soon and are on track.  Date has been announced alrady. It is 9/16 Smiley  

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    MinUI is a huge failure.  I'm sorry but there seems to be no reason for it.  All the apps are there, they're specifically disabled in the registry.  It doesn't take any longer to boot up.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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    Hey Now,


    Another Good One! Pivot & Panos are gonna be great!


    Thx 4 the info,


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    I can't see video in IE9. Did you gugs get the same issue?

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    hi, very nice this video, i dev. silverlight and now to WP7, comming soon in Brazil, I really liked the shirt, how do I get one?

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