Inside Windows Phone #06: Panorama and Pivot are in the house! Woohoo!!

Play Inside Windows Phone #06: Panorama and Pivot are in the house! Woohoo!!

The Discussion

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    Any idea how I use the panorama view with the Bing maps control? 
    Using the map in a Panorama Item, and trying to zoom in and pan, just switches the panorama view to the next or previous panorama item. Very annoying.. Sad 

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    Understanding the Pivot and Pano controls were created specifically for WP7, are there any plans on releasing these controls to work on a regular SIlverlight and WPF application?  Thanks

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    This video is quite blurry so it's impossible to read anything even fullscreen.

    The high quality .WMV isn't terribly crisp either but the Silverlight streaming version is worse.
    I seem to remember videos on C9 with screencaptures in the past that where clearer (I think?). Maybe I'm just spoiled by watching tutorial videos on Vimeo in HD.

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    Hey Now Jaime,

    Another Great Show!

    Thx 4 the info,


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    Jeff Wilcox

    @MobileLayers: we're trying to share guidance on this. Because of the unique ways both maps and pano/pivot work with manipulations, it isn't possible to nest the controls (though we realize many people want to do this).
    Similar to how you can't have a Pivot in a Pivot that makes sense from a UX standpoint, some people believe map navigaiton should be on another sub-page (using navigation) instead.
    You can use the Map control (non-interactive) within the panorama and pivot OK.

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    Jeff Wilcox

    @shaggygi: many people have expressed interest in this, but there isn't a short-term plan for this. If we can come up with a plan for sharing the source of the controls, it might be easier to get the ball rolling on this.

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    Jaime Rodriguez

    dentaku, what do u mean by blurry. r u trying to read the code? 
    Will try to improve it for next round, please expand so we know where to improve it.


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    Giochi Gratis


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