Inside Windows Phone #16 -Mango Camera APIs

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The Windows Phone codenamed "Mango" release brings new camera APIs for developers to preview the live camera stream, capture videos, seamlessly integrate with the camera's hardware buttons.

In this episode of Inside Windows Phone, Shamik Bandyopadhyay (Program Manager for camera on the phone) and Ayman Afanah ( Program Manager for Silverlight on the phone) show you demos that demonstrate the new camera features and walk you through the APIs that you will be using to integrate camera into your apps.

Relevant links:
Source for the demos in this video.
Mango training kit with "photofun" hands-on lab demonstrating photo features
Jaime Rodriguez's blog (for more upcoming Mango samples and insights) 



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The Discussion

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    Ben Hayat

    I'd have liked to see "augmented reality" feature with live/raw video.



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    Ben Hayat

    Jaime the following link for the training kit is broken.

  • User profile image

    Hey Ben,

    I just fixed the link (thanks for heads-up, I had internal staging link so when I tested it it worked for me).

    I will try to get some AR demos when we cover sensors. Can't guarantee it but will try.

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    Ben Hayat

    Thanks for the fix Jamie and looking forward to more videos on Sensors and Raw video. This new update has been a major leapfrog step for WP7. Just can't wait for the new phones to come out. Did Asus drop out?

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    Robb Schiefer

    I completely agree this type of development must be tested on a device. When will we get a Mango ROM for our phones?

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    Very nice video and code samples!

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    I found the CameraUpload application highly interesting.

    I ran it in the Emulator, and it looked like I was able to capture video.

    It's the first time I have seen a sample application doing this crucial task.

    I think Microsoft should provide more simple sample applications on this feature, as it is vital!

    I mean is this feature being demonstrated in any of the WP7 Hands-on Labs?

    Where is the Walk-through or How-to for this feature on MSDN?!

    Why not?!

    If you know about links or material relating to capturing and dealing with video files in the WP7 Emulator, please share them here.

    Thank you for the CameraUpload application, that was very cool and informative, but I would like more stuff on this feature!


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