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In this episode Luke Nyswonger, the doc lead for Windows Phone,  does a walk-through of all the great improvements they made to the docs in the Mango beta release. 

Pay attention so you don't miss:

  • A great "What's new" page that you can use to get to all the feature overviews, code-samples, etc..   
  • The samples and how-to walkthroughs are now a bit more scenario oriented. For example, their sockets demo is a full blown tic-tac-toe game, their tiles sample has every possible tile option, etc.     
  • They moved the User experience Design guidelines from a PDF to an HTML format and they literally doubled the amount of content that went into the UX guidelines.         
  • They moved the certification requirements from a PDF to an HTML format, and they have included the test steps so you can ensure you test ahead of time (or if you fail certification you  have repro steps).
  • They have a very nice "developer resources page" in the apphub that aggregates all the content that Windows phone developers will need.


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The Discussion

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    One thing that i am missing in the documentation is about self-signed certificates in the emulator. Is it possible to install them? And how about an API to ignore certificates errors? It already exists?

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    For phone dev, this will definitely be an improved experience. Thanks for that.

    That was indeed a very bad move switching dexplore to launching the browser. The lightweight viewer is a small step back toward what we had. Certainly there's a case to be made for wanting the docs when I'm disconnected but in my mind the better argument for not wanting the online docs is privacy. I don't want MS to track my usage of APIs.

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