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Tidy is a "to-do list"  prototype application that leverages a lot of the new features Windows Phone mango release.
If you like the walk-through, the Windows Phone Mango training kit has hands-on-labs that show step-by-step instructions for building it. In the training kit, you will find the following (and other) labs:

  • Local database hands-on-lab. Tidy uses SQL CE as its data store and the hands-on lab will show you how to attribute the object model to create LINQ to SQL mappings. How to create databases at run-time, and how to
    query the database.
  • Alerts and Reminders hands-on-lab.  Tidy allows you to create reminders for a task. The hands-on lab shows you how to query it a reminder exists, how to create and delete a reminder.
  • Start Tile pinning hands-on-lab. Tidy allows you to pin projects. This way if your tasks are organized you can deep-link into project specific views and get the tasks for that specific project.
  • Background Transfer hands-on-lab shows you how to use the new background transfer APIs to upload and download a backup of the database to your local machine.
  • Background agents hands-on-lab shows you how to create background agents in Mango.  The background agents check your location every 30 minutes and if you are nearby a location where tasks are due, it will prompt you a shell toast notification to remind you to complete the task while you are at that location.  The background agent also demonstrates how to update the tiles from an agent – it checks tasks that are overdue and it updates the tile for the project with the count-.

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The Discussion

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    I'm the only one who's going to say that the narrator forgot to turn up his mic?  Or he's talking into the wrong one.

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    I would love to watch and learn from this but the audio is just too painfully low.

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    Karl Shifflett

    You need to turn up the Video player volume and the volume on your computer. I'm not having issues after doing that,


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