Inside Windows Phone #25: One Bus Away

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This week we talked to Program Manager Shawn Henry. He works on the Application Platform team, and is responsible for driving many of the application platform features that developers take advantage of to build applications for Windows Phone.

Early in the lifecycle of Windows Phone, Shawn built an application called "One Bus Away" that leverages features that many different types of applications use. Through the course of building and releasing the application, Shawn and his collaborators hit quite a few of the issues that many of our developers hit.

In this episode, Shawn walks us through the things they hit and how they addressed them.

You can find out more about One Bus Away on Codeplex, where the full source code is available. The application is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for free, here.

If you want more information about the PreEmptive Solutions analytics solution, please see our post on App Hub.

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