Inside Windows Phone #28 | "The" Jeff Wilcox

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    Mike Harsh

    Wow. I always learn so much from *THE* Jeff Wilcox.

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    @Mike Harsh:well Mike, you know i got that from you. I am sure Jeff is _very_ happy i titled this piece that way too. We all miss you very much over here in phone land.

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    While the app is _very_ cool and very smooth, I don't like the code I saw... I saw badly formatted lambdas and no cool patterns. Now how should I rate the app? Tongue Out
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    I noticed that Jeff said that Marketplace requires you to have in-app support info. I just searched the documentation again but couldn't find it. Can anyone provide more details? My app doesn't contain said page but was accepted.

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    I believe actually the requirement may have been removed, if you look at the changes (on the MSDN page with the marketplace requirements), the support information is no longer required... but it was added at one point in Aug 2010:

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    Jason Short

    Nice job! I didn't know about AGFX. Will have to look into it further. It is such a common pattern I think it should be a service in the phone sdk (and maybe the greater Silverlight SDK as well).

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    Hey Jeff, Nice Job! I really like you on inside windows phone show with great knowledge you give to us regarding the performance of windows phone applications. Is anybody know the website or link where i can download this "Inside Windows Phone" Wallpaper I really like this!  Angel

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