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Arturo Toledo is back on Inside Windows Phone!

After three months of travel, Senior UX Designer Arturo Toledo has returned to Redmond Washington, bringing his tales of what constitutes great user experience design on Windows Phone.

Arturo and his colleague Corrina Black were part of a global Windows Phone UX Tour. In this talk, he and I talk a bit about the tour, and the new "31 Weeks" blog series he's just started.

Here are a bunch of relevant links to the material we discussed in this session:

Arturo's first visit to Inside Windows Phone

Nokia Design Video with regard to the Lumia 800, (in-depth 8-minute video documentary)

Video from the Nokia Lumia 800 Launch in London with Deadmau5

Windows Phone User Experience "Day" Videos

  1. Albert Shum, Ecosystem & Design in Windows Phone (Tech Days Helsinki
  2. Arturo Toledo, metro | the foundation, (Tech Days Helsinki)
  3. Arturo Toledo, think | sketch, wireframe, prototype, (Tech Days Helsinki)
  4. Arturo Toledo, design | visual, interaction, motion, (Tech Days Helsinki)
  5. Corrina Black, refine & build | best practices in designing Windows Phone apps, (Windows Phone Design Day, Barcelona)

Arturo's Blog series: 31 Weeks of WP UX, (on Arturo's Blog)

.NET Design Toolbox | The 'golf' app, (on the Microsoft .Net Design Toolbox)

  1. Video training re: Golftracker
  2. Download the Guide and Assets

Jeff Blankenburg's 31 days of Mango series, (on Jeff's Blog)

Jeff Wilcox's Metro Grid Helper, (on Jeff Wilcox's Blog)

And while we're at it, here are a list of some of the other important Windows Phone User Experience Resources

Windows Phone Official User Experience Guidelines

Jeff Wilcox's "Metro" Design Guide for Developers




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    Great content, great links, but I have one remark to Arturo: your blog looks awesome. I love the green color and the cool diagrams, but it's kind of "scary", because the page is VERY long, which makes it quite hard to see the beginning of each individual post, and therefore makes it hard to explore. Also, the "subscribe" button isn't easy to find.

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