Inside Windows Phone #32 | Microsoft Developer Carlo Rivera on Making Money

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Today we talked to Carlo Rivera. Carlo is a software developer who spends his days working on the somewhat successful Microsoft Office line of products. At night he transforms into a Windows Phone developer, and he's come up with some unique ways to maximize advertising revenue on free apps.

We didn't get the chance to talk very long, so really you should consider our talk merely an introduction for Carlo's presentations that he's delivered:

Carlo at XAPFEST on "Create & Submit a WP App to the Marketplace in 30 Minutes" (starts at Time Index 8:48)

Carlo at XAPFEST on "Making Money with Free Apps" (starts at Time Index 00:38)

Here are some other relevant materials we discussed, for your viewing pleasure:

 Our talk with "the" Jeff Wilcox, last October.

 Jeff Wilcox on WP Central podcast, just last week.

 Carlo's website, Wicked Wolf Apps

 Carlo's apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace

 Carlo on Twitter: @therivera

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: @larryalieberman



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