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    The guidelines suggest not to use WebBrowser control inside apps, does that mean all news related apps in "news+weather" category will have really poor performance on new affordable devices? 

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    Mike Battista

    The WebBrowser control is still supported and the performance on lower-cost devices is on par with the performance today.

    The guidelines surrounding the WebBrowser control are more warnings about running out of memory than harming performance.

    IE can consume a lot of memory when rendering complex websites. This is true even today.

    The WebBrowser control essentially embeds IE in your app, so if you allow users to navigate to arbitrary complex websites in your app, the memory that IE uses will be attributed to your app. This could result in your app running out of memory if the sum of your app's memory usage plus IE's memory usage exceeds the recommended 90MB limit.

    If you'd like to use the WebBrowser control, just be mindful of the content that users are allowed to load. If the content isn't very complex, then performance/memory issues shouldn't be a concern.

    If users can load complex content in the control and your app footprint is already large, you may want to consider using the WebBrowserTask on 256MB devices to reduce the memory usage inside of your app.

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