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    Nice to hear someone making good money on WP7 games. I'm not really, but I don't really have that much talent.

    I spent a month on my first Game, CarierOps, released last year and till doing quite well as a Free Ad Game. So, encouraged by that, I then spent 9 months on my next Game K&K Battlezone, much bigger 3D Game, and that kinda bombed this year. I gues the Market is a lot bigger now, but pretty frustrating, when i think it is a lot better game. So its difficult to know how much effort to put into these WP7 games. So its interesting to note that Taptitude is based upon 30 seconds to 1 minutes casual experience, plus a whole lot more on Server side.

    It would be good to know how to make any real revenue out of Microsoft PubCentre Ads, as so far it seems to have rather poor world wide impressions coverage so far. I note AdDuplex may be alternative.

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    How can I record the device interaction and display it on a screen?

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    This is very inspiring.... Great work!

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