Inside Windows Phone #38 | Nikola Mihaylov, the Developer Behind Fantasia Painter

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Today we talked to Nikola Mihaylov, a developer in the Expression Blend team. Nikola is the developer of Fantasia Painter, an extremely highly ranked photo editing app for Windows Phone.

Nikola walked us through his app, and talked a bit about how he implemented various aspects of the app. He describes himself as 'obsessed with performance,' and had a few very interesting practices to share in that regard.

Per our usual practices, here are some relevant and interesting links:

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Let us know if you have any questions

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The Discussion

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    This is the best episode of Inside WP I have watched. Nikola has provided excellent dev tips that I will consider in my apps.


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    Great video! Fantasia Painter is by far my favorite mobile app!! Great performance tips too, will make use of them for sure.

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    Thanks guys!

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    One note - use the Debug -> Windows -> Modules in Visual Studio to see which DLLs are loaded just after you press F5 on the initial startup. Also, in my experience all DLLs that have Silverlight control get loaded at startup regardless whether you use the control or not. It's resource-only (e.g. images) DLLs that don't get loaded if you don't use the image at startup.

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    Absolutely outstanding episode, bravo...

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    Very usefull app and great show.
    It is possible to get this VideoOut App?

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    Roman Iakovlev

    Looks like a necroposting a bit, but still. I was pretty much surprised over the statement that inlining the code _by_hand_ improves execution time dramatically. Isn't compiler should be responsible for such an obvious inlining? I call it obvious because it was told it speeds execution up by orders of magnitude. Is the compiler stupid enough not to do so? If the latter, than I should really re-think the way I write WP programs...

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