Inside Windows Phone 41 | Peter Torr tells us all about what WP8 means for Developers

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    tony tarantino

    this is not working for me . I,m 80 years old , Retired I can,t get in my mail , photos words . please put me back to window 7 and send me my refund.I have a 90day warranty I paid$60.69cents and give me back my old window order # WD05111947 and I never got the backup DVD. thank you .

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    Worked fine for me


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    sachin chauhan

    I want to create an app for windows phone 8 and i know c# language so should i also be aware of windows phone 7+ operating system or i can direct create apps for windows phone 8

    Thanx in advance

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    is it possible to make task manager using sdk 8.0 ??

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    this is not working for me ,becouse my computer level is not good
    Is this!

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    no transcript, who wants to watch a 32 min video

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    Naveen Yadav

    Good sdk

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