Inside Windows Phone 41 | Peter Torr tells us all about what WP8 means for Developers

Play Inside Windows Phone 41 | Peter Torr tells us all about what WP8 means for Developers
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Windows Phone 8 is an enormous new release of Windows Phone that opens up a new universe of possibilities for developers... but what does this mean for you?

Program Manager Peter Torr ran API review for Windows Phone 8, and he has the answers.

Peter and I spent some time today talking about:

  • Exactly what Windows Phone 8 actually is;
  • How it puts Windows and Windows Phone on the same 'shared core'
  • How we focused on driving application compatibility for all existing Windows Phone applications
  • What new programming approaches are now available
  • What this means for you, the developer

For more in depth information, see our keynote and sessions from the BUILD event!



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    tony tarantino

    this is not working for me . I,m 80 years old , Retired I can,t get in my mail , photos words . please put me back to window 7 and send me my refund.I have a 90day warranty I paid$60.69cents and give me back my old window order # WD05111947 and I never got the backup DVD. thank you .

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    Worked fine for me


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    sachin chauhan

    I want to create an app for windows phone 8 and i know c# language so should i also be aware of windows phone 7+ operating system or i can direct create apps for windows phone 8

    Thanx in advance

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    is it possible to make task manager using sdk 8.0 ??

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    this is not working for me ,becouse my computer level is not good
    Is this!

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    no transcript, who wants to watch a 32 min video

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    Naveen Yadav

    Good sdk

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