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Inside Windows Phone 45 | Adding In App Purchase as a ‘light up’ feature to your Windows Phone 7 Games

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Windows Phone 8 adds the ability for developers to sell additional features within the context of their
application, using 'In App Purchase.' Since Windows Phone 7 applications work on Windows Phone 8, we've also delivered the ability for you to add a few WP8 features to your WP7 app, which will run only when the application is run on a WP8 device. In this talk, Saral will walk us through exactly how you would add In-App Purchase to your WP7 game, so that it will appear when the app is used on WP8.

Download the code sample for this video here.



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    The Discussion

    • KakCAT



      I'm very interested in the code, please add the link soon! Smiley

    • sshodhan

      @KakCAT - we are looking into publishing the sample in the next few days if not earlier, sorry for the delay.

    • sshodhan


      Hello  - the code is now posted, best of luck

    • MykeP


      is it possible to get a more complex example, in example, to get a listing? This example is just obtaining the class pointer, but everytime I try to call LoadListingInformationAsync I get a System.Exception error inside of it.

    • sweecheekeo​ng

    • nazia220590


      This given sample support to only visual studio 2012.

      How can I use it for visual studio 2010?

      Thank You. 

    • Karios

      I would also like a complete example. I am getting the _store object but the exposed functions seem to be completely different than the WP8 IAP functions. 

    • KakCAT

      Problems here too, I'm always getting a "A method was called at an unexpected time. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8000000E)!" no matter what I do

    • jules

      All getting confused where all this Windows Phone games development is going. Here we are presented with a XNA based game, which we all know is being dumped.

      Until Microsoft sort out this W8 RT WP8/WP7 road crash most of us ex WP developers have moved over to Android development with MonoGame.

    • assad

      i want windows mobile 7

    • david

      no comment

    • Tim Miltz

      I happen to be developing a Windows app / phone app (is there a difference ? I've not figured this out yet, I paid $49.95 to sell at the Windows app store, and I have yet to pay the $99.95 at the Phone App/ XBox store. I would have preferred more hand holding as i'm new but hey, this is a start. I might think that 'expansion packs' would fall under durables, but it might be nice to see a third category. Thanks for the video though, I hope to see more. I'm slowly making my way through what is an App and what isn't. On one hand I am starting to use DNA, but then I read this is being abandoned ? 35 years into programming, it IS nice to do so many things with one line of code, but to comprehend that one line requires a great deal of intellectual investment into understanding the entire hierarchy that class inherits from.


    • Paul

      I am attempting to use this as a template to enable other features, such as NFC, however this requires certain capabilities to be turned on in the app manifest. ID_CAP_PROXIMITY (Or any of the new features) can't be added thus will trigger a unauthorized access exception when the code executes. Is there any way to provide this capability through another means?

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