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Search extras allow applications to integrate and add value to the search experience in Windows Phone.  For example,  after and finding a movie, search extras can launch the iMDB application to see reviews, buy tickets, etc.)

In this episode of the Inside Windows Phone show, Jared Brown ( Program Manager responsible for Search extras and Bing integration on WIndows Phone)  introduces the feature end-to-end, first with some demos and then with a walk through on how an application integrates with extras.

Relevant links:
MSDN documentation for search extras (has the doc mentioned in the video)
Code sample for a search extra - you can use this in emulator.  Do a search for electronic (e.g. HDTV 52 inch).
Jaime Rodriguez's blog





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    Search extras == cool!

    I hope I get some time soon to start playing more with WP7.   Right now, "real" work is overloaded.


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