Inside Windows Phone#21 - get ready for mango

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    Cool video guys! looking forward to the video about ads! we got a lot of questions around that.

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    Daniel Vaughan

    Excellent video.
    Great insights about emerging markets (such as China!) and the importance of localization.
    Thanks a lot.


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    A good clip.

    A little misleading at the beginning.   Jaime talked about the 7712 release and that there was another drop coming, but he is confusing the phone software and the SDK.   The SDK RC came a few days ago, and I was told there is no dev version after 7712.   After that, the next step is production Mango.  As I understand it, devs have to restore their phone backup using Zune and then Zune will tell them that there is an update available.

    Now, all we have to do is to cut though the carrier red tape that left NoDo "testing" for a month or more, and we'll be doing well.  I for one am hoping for production Mango (with some updated drivers for my LG Quantum) in October or earlier.

    @joebelfiore, are you listening?  Thanks!

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    Where can i get the t-shirt ;-)

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