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One of the most anticipated/desired features in this mango release is sockets (for network communication).

In this episode Ayman Afanah and Gustavo Sandoval give you a few demos of what you can do with sockets communications and they discuss the features and compare what is in Windows Phone in relation to other frameworks such as .NET and Silverlight on the desktop. Expect to be pleased with the feature set

Source for the demos shown in the video
Jaime's blog for more Mango goodness



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The Discussion

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    Where's the source code?

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    Are you not getting the link under the "related" section to work?
    {what error do u get}


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    When I attempt to run the application, I get an error saying that "Zune software is not launched. Retry after making sure that Zune software is launched."

    Is this an error in the installation of the Zune software? or does it mean that I have to have my WP7 phone connected to my computer when running the demo? or is there something else missing?


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    oops, needed to change the device to emulator...the default in the sample is set to device...

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    in the source code (sockets - tic tac toe) i can see use of bind and select methods. However I don't find these methods exposed here

    please guide if we could use these in our apps?

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    Those references are to the Server side project and not the phone projects so it's using the standard .NET socket classes fro the server.

    The Phone uses (as described in the video) a superset of the Silverlight socket classes which are slightly different.

    Hope this helps.

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