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Andy Beaulieu (creator of Talking Rag Doll) and Jeff Weber creator of Krashlander  discuss and demo some of their Windows Phone applications to-date.


Jeff is one of the original creators of the open source farseer physics engine for Silverlight on codeplex. Andy was first to wrap the engine in reusable Blend behaviors, and now they both get to use it on cool, successful Windows Phone applications.


This video is aimed at developers so it does not do a great job at demoing the apps, for better videos of the app, check related links below.  The video is part of this "An update from the Windows Phone developers" blog post; you should read that post to get most context on the casual/geeky video style.


Related links:

Krashlander video

Talking ragdoll video

LGs hAppiness campaign. For a limited time, if you own an LG Windows phone, you get the apps for free



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The Discussion

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    Sweet, I used this for the physics on my Shove Ha'penny WP7 game (which got its inspiration from Andy's shuffleboard game)


    It is a very cool engine (and very easy to use).


    Great job guys, thanks.

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    Very hard to hear the audio track...

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    Farseer is so easy that even I made something with it in a few minutes following Andy's tutorial and I'm not a programmer. It's so fun to be able to create something quite impressive without writing any code at all.

    We need some more good Blend 4 video tutorials. Something on the level of what Bob Tabor has done.


    I love the concept of reusable Blend Behaviours.

    How difficult was it to create new behaviors?


    I would love to see a group of behaviours that would be like MidiNoteBehavior, MidiCCBehavior, MidiTransportBehaviour etc. where you could draw a button or add a slider then drag in a MIDI behaviour and it would let you choose which note, CC etc. it would send out. Of course there's no simple way to send that out to a computer at the moment but hopefully UDP will be available on WP7 someday.

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