krashlander and talking ragdoll

Play krashlander and talking ragdoll

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    Sweet, I used this for the physics on my Shove Ha'penny WP7 game (which got its inspiration from Andy's shuffleboard game)


    It is a very cool engine (and very easy to use).


    Great job guys, thanks.

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    Very hard to hear the audio track...

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    Farseer is so easy that even I made something with it in a few minutes following Andy's tutorial and I'm not a programmer. It's so fun to be able to create something quite impressive without writing any code at all.

    We need some more good Blend 4 video tutorials. Something on the level of what Bob Tabor has done.


    I love the concept of reusable Blend Behaviours.

    How difficult was it to create new behaviors?


    I would love to see a group of behaviours that would be like MidiNoteBehavior, MidiCCBehavior, MidiTransportBehaviour etc. where you could draw a button or add a slider then drag in a MIDI behaviour and it would let you choose which note, CC etc. it would send out. Of course there's no simple way to send that out to a computer at the moment but hopefully UDP will be available on WP7 someday.

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