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As we all know, up until Windows Phone 8.1, virtually all Windows Phone applications were written with Windows Phone Silverlight. With 8.1, we introduced Windows Runtime (WinRT) XAML.

WinRT XAML, which evolved from Silverlight, first shipped on Windows 8.0. With Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 update 1, we now have this same UX framework available on both Windows and Windows Phone devices, which means it is easier than ever for developers to leverage the same code to target multiple device types.

Of course, the first step is to build an application leveraging WinRT XAML. If you've already got an existing Windows Phone Silverlight application, you may not realize how easy it is to bring your application over.

Today we chatted with Steve White, a developer documentation writer at Microsoft who's just published some great docs on exactly how to do this. Steve walked us through the key things you need to know in order to bring your apps over.

Here are some of the key resources we discussed in the talk:

Case Studies:

  • Bookstore 1. A case study of porting a very simple Windows Phone Silverlight app to a universal Windows app (using the Windows Runtime, or WinRT)
  • Bookstore 2. shows a simple grouped data scenario with LongListSelector and SemanticZoom, respectively. (1) Silverlight project, (2) XAML Win RT project
  • Bookstore 3. shows more advanced grouped data scenarios and adds a pivot control and a viewmodel with observable properties and ICommands: (1) Silverlight project, (2) XAML Win RT project

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The Discussion

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    awesome video! Can you shed some light on when WinPRT will have ServiceModel and associated namespaces so we can *really* start porting.  All these samples are great from a UI perspective but don't include the tremendous amount of backend redesigning that needs to happen for a port to happen (becuase of lack of WCF stack). 

    Most of us built our WP Silverlight apps using WCF web services.  For some bizarre reason everyone keeps giving "LongListSelector" and "namespace change" examples; these are just about the least of anyone's concerns given the huge backend effort needed to commit to WinPRT

    For my part I spent a week converting one of my apps without even suspecting that such a thing would be ommitted and not clearly stated.  Then i right-clicked on my project searching for the "Add Service Reference" menu item and cried myself to sleep... 

    Please give us some good news, every release of your UI SDKs lately seem to be missing some obscure critical piece that just delays innovation and development. 

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    Jason Short

    Very nice session!

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    Does background location tracking already exists for WinRT?

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