Leverage Inking in your UWP Apps

Play Leverage Inking in your UWP Apps

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    I have seen the video of the music composing app, entering notes by ink, which converts into music note graphics.
    I am wondering how to do something similar, converting a stroke collection via a graphics recognition, to replace by a graphic. The important bit being what support does Microsoft provide, if any, on, the stroke collection to graphics recognition. (I guess by sample sets of machine learn't comparators)
    Because that would be so cool, and similar to what that music composing app demonstrated.

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    OK, so I contacted the developer of StaffPad (A Very talented guy: Musician and a deep developer)
    Apparently he rolled his own recognition technology for his Application.
    Alternative suggestions are to use third party libraries, with MyScript being a suggestion.

    But I really wish Microsoft Research would offer (a packaged neural net)its own ink to shape recognition API, as that would open up so many compelling ink based Applications.

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