Using "Drag and Drop" in your Universal Windows App

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In Windows 10, we've made it exceedingly easy to add "Drag and Drop" functionality to your UWP application.

As you're probably aware, "drag and drop" is by no means a new feature for Windows applications. For a very long time, the notion for the user to able to move objects within a single application, or between the application and the shell, or even between two completely different applications, has been a familiar and popular mechanism for users, especially when manipulating familiar objects like text or images.

Now in Windows 10 we've not only brought this developer scenario to the XAML/C# platform; we've also made it exceedingly easy to implement.

Today, Shen walked us through the details of a basic implementation. Here are some links to other resources on this scenario:








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    Does this work successfully across separate UI threads inside the same process? That was always the one key use case that every other desktop framework barfed on and it made scaling large apps a very annoying process.

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