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In this weeks' episode we will take a look at the browsers inside Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. We will help answer questions such as, why does Windows 10  have 2 browsers, how do I think about this in the context of web app compatibility, guidance on your long-term web app strategy, and what you should be doing the short term.

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    When are extensions coming to Edge? Running without ad blocking is awful.

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    Channel 9 advises: "How do I download the videos? To download, right click the file type you would like and pick “Save target as…” or “Save link as…”.
    I try that with the Edge browser, it says Copy Link! I click Open Download Link in New Tab, I see nothing... What's going on with Edge?

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    Good stuff. Thanks for the update.

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    Microsoft browser(s!) are absolutely abhorrent. Just another example of disparate browsers fighting for the same space but failing miserably to do much of anything at all except cause business huge amount in losses combating security issues that are plagued throughout. Microsoft lacks severe consistency and has done so from day dot. I know, I know, godwin'ing the rant by finishing with how awesome osx is in this space compared to Microsoft is definitely worth a mention since Windows is quickly succumbing to genocide.

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    Charles Nduonyi

    Please send me emails on what I need to know about window 10/11.

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    Overloading with different apps for same purpose, now microsofot is unable to improve IE but brought Edge which is not able to support all websites. Dont know why need many apps for same purpose.

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    Steven Cruz

    What can I do to upgrade to Windows 10 when the installer says it can't install Windows 10 because of my NVidia GPU. It states the driver isn't signed. Can I add a different video card, say ATI, will that work? I really would like to upgrade my main computer to Windows 10. Thank you for your time and consideration concerning this matter. I hope to hear back from you with a positive solution.

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    Я не понимаю что вы мне присылаете. Мой Язык Русский. Если Ваше сообщение для Англоязычного населения то к нему и обращайтесь. А на английском языке, я в АНГЛИИ не ЖИВУ, И на АНГЛИЙСКОМ не понимаю, извините за мою ТОЛЕРАНТНОСТЬ!!!!!

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    Andy Mack

    Please tell me when Sharepoint libraries can be opened with windows explorer again? That is how we manage our libraries. NO ONE wants to use the website to manage their libraries on sharepoint and you removed the "Open with explorer" option. Come on let's fix that.

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    Jason R

    Did Google successfully plant a saboteur inside the Microsoft browser division? Edge is clearly behind Chrome and IE isn't going to be moving forward. I have always preferred Microsoft browsers until now. As a developer, another browser to test for isn't cool. Ideally you should have made a Chrome compatibility mode for IE 11 and stop thinking W3C standards. End users just want the web to work and developers make sure their sites work with Chrome first, and iOS second. Those are the two web standards Microsoft needs to work toward to be relevant. Having multiple browsers installed increases the attack surface area, so you didn't truly gain much security wise.

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    @Rahaha: Hi Rahaha - sorry for the super slow response here. I'm able to save by right clicking (High Quality MP4) then clicking "Save Target As" in Edge - does this not work for you? Feel free to reach out at joebre@microsoft.com and I'll reach out to the Channel 9 team in the meantime.


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    webdav user

    open in explorer view can be mimicked from desktop.
    If the library name is http://myserver/goodoldsite/mydoclib
    Then from command line
    explorer \\myserver\goodoldsite\mydoclib
    will open the document library.
    If access is denied, open a cmd prompt as the user with sharepoint permissions.

    BTW, this is based on WebDAV which has many idiosyncracies.
    Good Luck!

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    What a mess! After watching this I almost feel sorry for Microsoft. They have to invest a huge amount in supporting legacy functionality to avoid being branded as completely irrelevant, and they're constantly playing catchup to Chrome & Firefox.

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    How do you enable Address Bar in Edge to always display. I see in the video that it is displayed for you when you open a window.

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    Ronald King

    Can I download windows 10 on my computer that isn't a touch screen computer? and also I heard that it was free to download.

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    Enrique Rojas

    Vivo en latinoamérica, más precisamente en Chile,por lo que entenderán que el lenguaje usado no es el apropiado , ¿es posible que la presentación sea en español ?.

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    Now how hard is it for Edge to add an IE Tab? Chrome has one (via an extension).


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    also why doesn't Edge support the IE11 Metro app version's HTML meta and HTTP header ways for marking a page as needing ActiveX in order for the browser to offer to the user to open it in IE11?


    I don't see why Microsoft shoots devs like that breaking their web apps.

    At https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/hh968248.aspx, Microsoft mentions:

    As a web developer, you can enable the requiresActiveX feature switch either by using this HTTP header:

    X-UA-Compatible: requiresActiveX=true

    Or by using this meta element on each affected webpage:

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="requiresActiveX=true"/>


    combined with my previous comment, if an IE Tab is implemented in Edge, could have a configurable setting to open such pages in a tab or in IE11 application. Obviously user experience should be as implemented in IE11 Metro, where user is prompted first if they do want to open using the IE11 engine that supported ActiveX (not open automatically for extra security)


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    stephen clarke

    seems interesting I want to find out more please.

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    @Hal:Thanks when will extensions work in Edge ?

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    Good Information. This means IE11 on Win10 still supports Enterprise mode and Standard mode.
    Any idea when is the official end of Support date for IE11 Enterprise mode?

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    alexandro oliveira rotondano


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