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The .exr command displays the contents of an exception record (a EXCEPTION_RECORD structure).

The EXCEPTION_RECORD structure contains the Instruction Address (the function raising the exception), the Exception Code, and (max 15) Exception Parameters.

The structure may be in the addess space of the process (that is, raised by the code itself), or stored in the metadata of the dump file (as past to MiniDumpWriteDump).

To view a structure in the address space of the process, use .exr <address>

To view the structure saved to the dump, use .exr -1

In general, start the debugging of a dump file by executing .exr -1, .ecxr and k. And then use !analyze -v.

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    Is there anyother way of getting the EXCEPTION_RECORD other than from local variables?
    dv seems to require private symbols. Found that by clicking on a frame link while using my favourite extension dll - PDE :)
    Unless that is the way to encourage people to join Microsoft ;)
    Thank you

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