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Azure IoT Edge tools in Visual Studio 2019

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Today we have full support for Visual Studio Code to develop for Azure IoT Ege devices, but enterprise developers (especially Windows developers) are looking for an integrated developer experience in Visual Studio.
Azure IoT Edge Tools makes it easy to code, build, deploy, and debug your IoT Edge solutions in Visual Studio 2019.
Xin Shin, PM in the Developers divisions, walks us through the IoT Edge developer experience in Visual Studio 2019.
Use Visual Studio 2019 to develop and debug modules for Azure IoT Edge:
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The Discussion

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    I appreciate this presentation. It was something I have wanted for a while. I succeeded in following your steps in a Windows computer. That is good. However, Xin Shin, I noticed you are using a Macbook and are successful in getting that to work.

    I cannot get it to work in my MacBook Pro 16GB Parallels Pro 14. Nested virtualization is on as required I think. The build process goes all the way to the end but cannot start the IotEdgeModule nor the tempSensor.
    "ERROR: for IotEdgeModule1 Cannot start service IotEdgeModule1: CreateComputeSystem"

    It takes about 40 minutes to build and get that far. The MacBook Pro computer is severely taxed and runs extremely slowly. I am about to give up. Is there a forum or help area for those who wish to develop on a MacBook Pro especially while traveling?

    I think this is a Macbook problem using Windows 10 64 bit in Parallels 14 because the same steps work in standard Windows Visual Studio 2019. So I am reluctant to post an issue in GitHub but will do so if instructed. Thank you again.,

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