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Ed Nightingale, Partner Architect for Azure Sphere, joins Olivier on the IoT Show to discuss architecture, detailing how the silicon, the OS and the Security Service are built to allow securely connecting the billions of MCU based IoT devices that are coming.

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The Discussion

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    Nice introduction . :D
    I hope more demo between Azure Sphere - MPU and other ARM MPU.
    for share the information with partners/friends who already use ARM MPU.
    what is difference the Azure Sphere MPU between their known ARM MPUs. like Raspberry PI 3b.

    - what their know APU can do, and what PLUTON chip can not do, or protect.
    - what their know APU can do, and what FIREWALL chip can NOT do, protect.
    - what their know APU dose NOT secure and what Azure Sphere chip dose.

    Now, I know some developer who use know APM MPUs like Raspberry PI 3b, dose NOT attention about security ever some years. their attention what they can do.
    and they dose NOT know that what security features are there on their MPUs, Are their security update on their MPUs. so, they dose NOT have attention about "SECURITY" on the MPU chip.

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