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Behind the scenes of a Workplace Health & Safety solution - Hands-on!

Play Behind the scenes of a Workplace Health & Safety solution - Hands-on!

The Discussion

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    Great Demo!! Normally we can not precisely relies on the GPS co-ordinates send by the mobile devices to track the location of the worker. Is there any suggestion to track the precision for better safety?
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    @RipinA: Hi RipinA,
    There are several existing solutions for more accurate geolocation (especially indoors) that can also be used in combination, such as Wifi location, Bluetooth, RFID, UWB. Any of these solutions can be used on the device and eventually you could have the back-end analyse each data point from geolocation sensors carried by workers and extrapolate more accurate location. You can also consider adding data from other sensors (proximity, cameras...) that are dispatched in the work environment (e.g. a combination of Wifi location + monitoring cameras + ML models could do the trick).
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    Great Demo! Thanks.

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