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Connect devices from other IoT clouds to Azure IoT Central

Play Connect devices from other IoT clouds to Azure IoT Central

The Discussion

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    Hey guys!

    This is some pretty cool stuff!!

    It got me thinking if i can push data that is being sent to IoT Hub to IoT Central through the device bridge and I played with it to the point that the azure function was failing when i started the ASA job.

    Basically I am using ASA to get the data from IoT Hub, formatting it into a json object in the IoT Central acceptable format and calling the azue function to push the data into. The reason why i am having to take this approach is because i cant seem to find another way to push OPC UA data from the machines on the floor to IoT Central. Please feel free to educate me if there is a better way to establish that connection. I could really use that in a real world scenario.

    Thanks again for the awesome content!

    Looking forward to hear from you!

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    Hey @hgrewal
    I recommend you look into the Azure IoT solution accelerator for connected factory as it addresses OPC-UA integration with Azure IoT:
    Also we are working on the integration of IoT Edge in IoT Central, which will allow to leverage the work we have shipped for supporting OPC-UA on Azure IoT Edge to connect your OPC-UA infrastructure directly into IoT Central

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