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Custom Vison AI on Azure IoT Edge

Play Custom Vison AI on Azure IoT Edge
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Running artificial intelligence directly on IoT devices seems like something straight out of sci-fi movies, right? It's now something you can do pretty easily with Azure IoT Edge. And thanks to the Custom Vision Cognitive Service, you don't even need to be a data scientist to create AI Custom Vision models!

Emmanuel Bertrand, PM in the Azure IoT Edge team, shows us how it's done making a Raspberry Pi recognize a banana from an apple!

Check out the project on GitHub:

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The Discussion

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    That is great, please have written tutorial from A to Z

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    @MhAlan: instructions are in the github repo linked in the description. Let us know if you can't find what you need to repro the demo. 

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    Hi Oliver,

    Really nice demo of Edge AI. 

    You should equip your PI with Intel’s Movidius usb stick. 

    It’s much more than fpga. It’s a power efficient tiny VPU with AI features, that can fully offload model execution. 

    I hope to make some cool project with this combination 😊

    Thanks for your interesting channel. 




    * I’m an Intel employee, so a bit biased 😉

    still, the potential is great!


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    Hi @DimaKan!

    Actually a colleague of mine has been playing with the Movidius USB Stick and had it working with IoT Edge. We might be able to have this published on GitHub if he has some time to clean it up.

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    I am the colleague that Olivier refers to. The sample he mentioned is hosted here: It uses the movidius stick to do some image analysis and inferencing.

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    @avranju cool!

    Could you make the documentation more detailed with step by step on how to get the solution working? I'm new to the Intel movidius stick and struggling to put everything together.

    A detailed step by step as the one on would be super!

    Thank you!

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