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Deep Dive: Industrial IoT

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Premieres: December 4th - 9am-10am PT

Join us live to learn and ask questions!

Deep Dives are interactive live events where we do technical deep dives into a new topic to help developers, decision makers, architects, or anyone building an IoT solution be able to learn and ask questions live with our engineers from Microsoft! 

Please note if you want to ask questions during the event, please join the youtube live stream linked on this landing page closer to the event. 

IIoT is the Industrial Internet of Things. IIoT enhances industrial efficiencies through the application of IoT in the manufacturing industry. Learn how to connect and monitor your industrial equipment and devices in the cloud—including your machines already operating on the factory floor. Analyze your IoT data for insights that help you increase the performance of the entire factory floor.

In this deep dive we will cover:

  • Step by Step of IIoT Digital Transformation
  • Azure IIoT Strategy
  • IT & OT merge in Industrial IoT
  • How Microsoft supports OPC UA
  • IIoT Demo
  • Where to get started

Learn how Industry 4.0—the modernization of industrial systems—with confidence. Increase operational efficiency while creating new revenue streams that keep pace with customer needs with industrial IoT from Azure.



Deep Dives are hosted by Pamela Cortez from the Azure IoT Team.

Special speaker: Erich Barnstedt - Head of Azure Industrial IoT



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The Discussion

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    Chris Bradlee

    For aggressive compete scenarios where AWS is embedded and has a head start - is there specific enterprise compete materials for factory 4.0/IIoT available?

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