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Hands-on experience to provision real device with IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service

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The Discussion

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    i think i see the demo here already :) but how can i use similar to demo to my user group?

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    Where Can I find code example from the demo? Is it baremetal system or RTOS?

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    @Franio: it uses mbed but has an arduino compat layer to use those API, libs etc. You can find more on the demo in the device registration with DPS project.

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    Steven McNeese

    So provisioning demos were good but they start at step 2. Step 1 is getting the device connected to the user’s local WiFi. How is that done with the azure IoT platform?

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    @Steven McNeese: this is a great question. It's a bit of a chicken and egg question as a device won't have any sort of access to the cloud if it doesn't have an actual network connection. And for this reason, the Azure IoT platform itself cannot provide such a feature. 

    As you might have noticed on most consumer IoT devices connecting to the Web, the user has to setup the Wifi connection at first use. This is one way to do this. Another way is to flash Wifi credentials on devices at production time, but this means you have to know where the devices will go.

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