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    When I think IoT one of the first names that comes to mind is Dan Thyer.  Dan is very active in the developer community in the Carolinas.  You can usually count on him to have some kind of builders fair at the Carolina Code Camp as well.

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    FYI - returns a 503.  Going to works.  Where can I get one of those great "Windows on Devices" shirts???

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    @SheldonS: Thanks for the suggestion on Dan Thyer!

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    Kapil S

    Thank you for bringing it up ianlee74. The problem is fixed now.

    Please let us know if you run into it again.

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    I'm curious to know/hear what the PowerShell story is for "Windows On Devices". I really liked Steve's breakdown of IoT. I think PowerShell though presently a very "server/enterprise" level IT solution is very acclimated to a non- "screen centric" world. PowerShell and its fairly mature remoting capability (as is the larger OMI stuff) is a great command and control option. Particularly in a push type scenario. Azure (or cloud) is great for RESTful pull or "check-in" scenarios, certainly the really decentralized, store/forward, intermittent connectivity situations. .NET seems too be absent from a lot of the WoD/IoT discussions, until you get down to the Micro Framework level. Hopefully with some of the work going into the new .NET core we can hear some general discussion of that on non-"screen centric" devices as well.

    Great first episode, and interview. I'm looking forward to future installments.

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    Gadgeteer and .NetMF would be a good topic as they are a great way for software folks to enter into the device world.

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    @Kapil - Thanks!

    I'm very excited to hear that the AllJoyn protocol is being built into Windows 10.  I'd love to hear more about if Microsoft plans to help port AllJoyn to NETMF or other smaller devices.  I believe an AllJoyn type protocol is what is needed to create a robust IoT but it has to be implemented for every size device and currently it only seems suited for devices with OSes.

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    Alexander Wechsler

    Hi all,
    I think Steve has a great overall vision of the IoT market, however, It is currently not possible to translate this into a viable product strategy anybody could use professionally. If the Galileo effort is the place to be, as it was stated, then it is a dead end. Nobody is able to use it for a commercial product. Why waste time with it? Alljoyn / IIC are in infancy, while other IoT protocols such as OPC-UA ( are leading the Industry 4.0 efforts in Europe with enterprise grade reliability and security. These things are not even implemented e.g. in AllJoyn.
    What would be great to see in the IoT Show would be real and professional products by Microsoft that enable innovators being successful. Supported by RAD Tools and a dev platform, which are streamlining development experience and shorten time-to-market.

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    Great stuff guys. 

    How about having maybe a 5 minute section on IOT gadgets that have popped up over the last week or have been revised in some new or interesting way or maybe just use cases for a particular iot device?

    Example:  We have a small cinema room with the light switch on the wall as you go in.  It was always a hassle when I would get everything set up and then have to get up, climb over the family and switch the light off before I then had to find my way back to my seat and watch a movie or whatever.  This last week I picked up one of those remote control on/off light bulbs - it has changed my life!!  (OK, not really, but you know what I mean)


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    Great show Guys, I'm looking forward to future episodes.

    You asked us to here is a recent project I've been working on. It is an end to end IoT proof of concept built on Azure. It utilises many of the recent Azure releases, including Event Hubs, Streaming Analytics and Machine Learning.

    The IoT device being used is the Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad. It is an extremely affordable embedded device that is Wi-Fi enabled. It also has the capability to directly communicate with Azure (no need for a broker or other intermediary service).

    Check out the project here -

    Code and details will be provided via GitHub.

    Update: Code and Setup Steps Now Available from Github : remixed123


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    I think this is going to be a good series.  I would like to see a better roadmap on what's to come with .NET, .NET Core and/or WinRT IN the IoT space.  Once things can be talked about and are released (e.g. Windows 10), it would be good to have a day(s) event to show how to get started, boards to purchase/use and examples.

    Also hope there will be some good sessions at Build 2015 about where this is headed, as well.

    Good job and can't wait to see what this show will provide as things are released!

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     Was glad to see NETMF mentioned in the discussion. I do wish, however, that Microsoft would put more energy behind NETMF in general, and .NET Gadgeteer in particular. Gadgeteer has great potential in two key areas...teaching the next generation of makers and engineers, and rapid prototyping. While components aren't terribly expensive, the modular approach has great appeal for building proof of concept devices that can demonstrate the viability o a given idea.

    I get that Azure is a big piece of the IoT strategy, as it should be. But hardware matters, and though Galileo is cool, it's not the right solution for every need. NETMF and Gadgeteer were essential for me in getting my start with microcontrollers and electronics, and I'm not alone in that. Let's hear more about the future of NETMF and Gadgeteer... :D

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    Cool Stuff. Definitely subscribe on this show!

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    Great first show! Once I figure out how to subscribe.... I'll do it :P

     It would be cool for folks to 'see' some of this in action.  Could we get @codefoster on the show to talk about the #tweetmonkey project with the Edison chip?   And speaking of Edison... can we get windows working on that platform as well?

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    @rayray1039: you can grab a RSS feed link from the show page to subscribe

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    Paul Thomsen

    Good stuff. A few suggestions:

    - Why Microsoft? I love Microsoft, but that in itself isn't a good enough reason to embrace the Microsoft approach to IoT

    - consistency in dev tools and operating systems makes sense, so that could be a reason, but it could also mean that Microsoft IoT evolves less quickly than the alternatives

    - more details on the the roadmap, of course (though I understand why there's hesitation to release such details)

    - great management and security could be reasons, and it's easy to imagine Microsoft thinking so, but what's the plan? So we could use more discussion of those topics

    - I've got the Galileo, and it works well. The samples are decent, but limited in number. The documentation seems even more limited. Is there a plan to take it to the next level? In truth this is part of what makes me hesitate to embrace the Microsoft vision - if the investment is limited here, will it be limited later, or in other ways?

    Thanks, and I'm excited to hear more!

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    Good job and can't wait to see what this show will provide as things are released!

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    Dragan Sretenovic

    My vote for taking with Clemens Vasters

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    I hope to see some examples with embedded devices using C# and the new AllJoyn announcement.

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    Well done guys, awesome first show, and looking forward to future shows!

    You asked for people to share their projects - I'm working on a .Net Gadgeteer project that outputs sensor values to Microsoft Lync clients as IM's (and in future as images from a camera module).

    If anyone is interested in learning more, I've written a blog post about it here.


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    @matthewproctor: Nice! I am SO stealing that for a future Coding4Fun Blog, Hardware Friday post... :)

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    John Muchow

    I've started an IoT Developer newsletter, IoT Developer's Journal:

    Suggestions and ideas for hw/sw, tools, links or other developer-centric IoT content are welcome!



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