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Remote Patient Monitoring with Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Play Remote Patient Monitoring with Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The Discussion

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    Really great, excellent tools and solution for tracking and investigating health monitoring and detecting related matters --- sure will check this amazing stuff - incredible opportunities!

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    Arturo Blake Sr

    I thought this presentation was excellent, specifically due to the area of focus being on the Medical industry, and more importantly in Health monitoring possibilities with remote patients. I would like to dig down a bit more in this area. As it may be a direction my company may explore as a servicing direction.

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    Hello, How would you see or confirm the data from simulated device is getting into fhir server without using postman?
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    ArunG - you can use any REST client (postman is one example) to see the data in the FHIR server. For security purposes, we do not allow looking at the data while it is in transit in the IoMT FHIR connector.

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