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SmartHotel 360, a demo powered by Azure Digital Twins

Play SmartHotel 360, a demo powered by Azure Digital Twins

The Discussion

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    Really a nice demo!!

    In Demo, noticed, the web portal is referring the hotel in Seattle and the mobile app is referring to hotel in New York!!

    Funny :)

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    @RipinA: Nice catch! We have indeed not used the same buildings in the demo... which is using simulated data. But you can try the sample out for yourself and explore the capabilities of Azure Digital Twins on your own real data

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    Aydin Gencler

    Is there a single document showing how to install the demo? I am a bit lost in GitHub. Sorry, Thanks

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    @Aydin Gencler: All the setup instructions are on this one ReadMe . Install steps are not as trivial as a one click deploy at this point in time, but that is very likely something the team will make simpler in the future


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    Meesum Hyder

    I Would like to know what are other platforms provide the solution for Digital Twin apart from Azure.
    What is the hardware that supports digital twin and pricing similarities between azure and other solutions providers?
    Please kindly reply if anyone knows, I am new to this technology to explore and my director wants all the above details

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