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The No Code Way to Connect Sensors to Azure IoT

Play The No Code Way to Connect Sensors to Azure IoT

The Discussion

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    This IoT Plug and Play Bridge is a very positive first step toward automation! Thank you Azure IoT teams for this release and @Olivier Bloch for letting us know!

    FEEDBACK: I foresee a day in the near future where devices and sensors will be more self-aware of their purpose and location within a corporate or manufacturing system (e.g., which machine, what internal GPS within a factory or building, serving what function) and then these IoT devices and sensors will simply be "auto-recognized" by a corporate IoT management system (like the way a WiFi modem/bridge automatically connects with our Surface Laptops) a customer's IoT Manager (and/or eventually an A.I.) will see the new sensor pop-up on the network and after authentication it will be auto-registered and Azure will immediately start accepting data from the device, using that 'self-aware data' as part of the unique identifying data fields.
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    rod mac

    Is there anything afoot to enable PLC logic to be written to from within VS? Currently of course this is all ladder logic. it would be super to be able to write something with an HTML or XAML front end.

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