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Train with Azure ML and deploy everywhere with ONNX Runtime

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You can now train machine learning models with Azure ML once and deploy them in the Cloud (AKS/ACI) and on the edge (Azure IoT Edge) seamlessly thanks to ONNX Runtime inference engine. 

In this new episode of the IoT Show we introduce the ONNX Runtime, the Microsoft built inference engine for ONNX models - its cross platform, cross training frameworks and op-par or better performance than existing inference engines.
We will show how to train and containerize a machine learning model using Azure Machine Learning then deploy the trained model to a container service in the cloud and to an Azure IoT Edge device with IoT Edge across different HW platform – Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm.



The Discussion

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    Juan Suero

    looking for the VSCode project that was shown in the video cannot find it. will this be available soon. thanks. great work!

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    Repo for this reference implementation is here:
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    I would like to know the differences between Onnx Runtime and ML.Net ? In which use case would you one or the other ? Thank you.

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    ONNX Runtime is supported in ML.NET through the ONNX Transformer. ONNX Runtime is strictly for inferencing, while ML.NET provides many other capabilities, including data prep and training.
    ML.Net supports inferencing both TF and ONNX models and we have added DNN training APIs as well.

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