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Using Azure Data Lake to analyze IoT Data

Play Using Azure Data Lake to analyze IoT Data

The Discussion

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    Good one.

    I have a scenario where I want to process all the incoming json telemetry and apply calculations on them like standard deviation and expose result to end user in REST API. Is it possible?

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    Hi @Deepak
    the scenario you want to implement is most likely doable. There are several ways you can implement this depending on your application specifics such as throughput expected, latency,...
    Azure IoT Hub will allow you to route incoming messages based on message properties as well as content to specific endpoint. If you want to apply a deviation on all inbound devices telemetry then the simplest way is to attach an Azure Function to the default endpoint of IoT Hub, then apply your deviation in the Function and output result. Depending on how you want to store then expose results, you have several options for the output of the Function such as blob storage, Time Series Insights Data Lake... once again the best way to implement this will depend on your scenario and application specifics. I recommend you check out our learning material on as well as to identify the best solution suited to your needs.
    Happy coding!

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