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Find out what Microsoft Windows IoT has planned for 2019! Get an early look into how Windows IoT can help you quickly build safe, smart devices that can be the foundation of your IoT solutions.
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    Major problem with IoT, in general not just Windows IoT, is that people haven't grasped the IoT concept and thus are using it badly.

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    What`s Microsoft plan of windows Iot core release for Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ ? It`s a long time (more than that Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ released, but we haven`t any stable version for that yet.
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    My first question is, what do you want to leverage from the model 3B+ that you can't with the 3B? Aside from this, while we are planning to have a release in late fall 2019, for a better evaluation experience and for any commercial products, please use the Raspberry Pi 3B or other devices with supported Intel, Qualcomm, or NXP SoCs.
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    I think that Parsakarami's concern is that there are known issues for this platform that are almost a year old which are still not addressed. Since MS is not supporting the current 3B+, and the RPi Foundation is already discussing the RPi4, is it safe to assume that there will be no further OS development for the RPi's?
    By the way, I enjoy the IOT show, Channel9 and the wealth of MS resources which MS generously provides. Thanks MS!
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    I understand your concern, Sean, but do not fear as there will be further updates for RPi. The RPi3B is the platform that we recommend for commercialization - due to resourcing, an updated build for the RPi3B+ was stalled so this was kept at a stage where it's mostly for tinkering vs commercial solutions. The team is taking feedback from the 3B+ and will incorporate it into the late fall build I mentioned previously. I hope this answers your question.

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