Windows 10 IoT Core Update with Steve Teixeira

Play Windows 10 IoT Core Update with Steve Teixeira

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    Nice post! Really great that you've partnered with Adafruit for the IoT starter parck - been playing with their stuff for years.

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    Any consideration for UDOO.ORG boards?

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    @dcuccia: Yes, Adafruit is awesome. I've been a customer for a long time.

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    Need some BeagleBone love!

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    In terms of support for additional dev boards, we'll be sharing more about Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c support soon. Just to provide a little bit of "Behind the Music" perspective, the key piece of engineering work for us to enable new boards is the core Windows port to the SoC that is used by the board. This can range from reasonably straightforward, as is the case with DragonBoard since it uses a SoC family already supported by Windows Phone, or many people-years of effort for a new SoC, such as was the case with Raspberry Pi 2. Udoo uses the Freescale i.MX 6 and BeagleBone uses the TI Sitara -- neither of these SoCs are supported by Windows today, so either would be a pretty heavy lift.

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    Hi Steve, great work you are doing. Could you enlighten me on support for custom boards. In my case, I have a cubie board (SoC: AllWinner A20). Would Microsoft support this or would there be any tools to port it to custom boards?

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    Nice post! Really great that you've partnered with Adafruit for the IoT starter parck...........
    now can go this link

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    @mburumaxwell: It's definitely possible to run IoT Core on a custom board that has a supported SoC on board (e.g., Intel BayTrail-I, Qualcomm 8016, Broadcom 2836, ...), but porting Windows to a new SoC is a different question. It's not practical today for someone other than Microsoft to bring up Windows on a new SoC.

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    Eckmar Schmitz

    Hi Steve, nice post. But what's about connecting a touch screen to the board. There are different touch screen available (even from Adafruit) connected over SPI. It's possible to talk to this devices with self written drivers but it's not possible to redirect the HDMI interface to this devices. On the other hand: There is a new touch screen available from Raspberry Pi community connected internaly. Will there be a video driver available for this display. To build a compact application device this will be great.

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    Hi Steve,

    great presentation.

    I'm pretty new with Windows 10 IoT Core, but it sounds very interesting. As a Software-developer of a renowned German Company I'm always interested in new developments. Especially developing "embeded" Software using VS2015 and just deploying it and even remote Debugging the Software sounds VERY good.

    There are some things I'm especially interested in:

    1. as Eckmar before already mentioned, what's about Support of touch Screens (not HDMI but DPI)
    2. what's the minimal footprint of IoT Core
    3. is it possible to "remote" upgrade the System, not just the application
    4. how can one develop device Drivers for IoT Core

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