Episode 13: Interview with Chris Charla from ID@Xbox

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Join us as we talk with Chris Charla from Microsoft's ID@Xbox program to discuss independent development on Xbox One and Windows 10. 

[00:57] - Who is Chris Charla
[03:25] - What is ID@Xbox and how does it work?
[04:58] - Windows 10 and the Universal App Platform
[08:35] - Why be a part of ID@Xbox on Windows 10?
[10:17] - What's the process & how do i sign up?
[11:52] - What types of games are we looking for? All types!  
[14:26] - What excites Chris most about the program  
[15:13] - Chris' message to anyone considering signing up
[16:00] - Office Hours at GDC 2016

ID@Xbox enables qualified game developers to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live. Find out more or sign-up at http://www.xbox.com/id.

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The Discussion

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    Cool video!!!!

    I tried to apply to the id@xbox program as described by this video, but it seems that the form is not encrypted (https), thus I'm not inclined to leave any tax information. Is there another way to apply?

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    @ManuelC:I use the Chrome Extension HTTPS Everywhere to force HTTPS on all sites. That may help here.

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    @DaveVoyles:  I tried that, in particular: https://www.xbox.com/en-us/Developers/id
    I'm afraid it bounces back to the non-encrypted version every time.

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    @ManuelC  You are the first person to mention this as an issue so we will look into this. Please reach out to us at ID@Xbox.com and we can assist you with moving forward.

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    @KatieStonePerez:   Hi Ms Stone Perez, I applied anyway, I just didn't put any tax information. I hope the id@xbox will understand. We have to take a lot of precautions nowadays when it comes to on-line transactions. I did put a note in the form about it, though.

    It used to be encrypted, early this year (and when the program started). It's just that my situation has changed now that I have multiple UWP games published at the Windows Store, and I'm hopping that I could get an answer other than the "yes but not now" response I got late last year.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Great video, but I have one question about the store. OK, If I want to develop and deploy the UWP-based game for both Windows 10 PC and Xbox one, ID@XBOX is a best solution. I got it by this video.

    But, If I want to deploy the 'Non-Game' UWP app to xbox one, What the scenario available? Should I get an ID@XBOX account? or make a some of contract? or , just deploying the app to the store as like current Windows 10 UWP Store?

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    Will there ever be a real indie program for XBox One like XBox Live Indie Games (XBLIG)?

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    Mike Luckett

    What happened to the Warfighter Engaged Q&A?

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    I am getting setting and I'll follow instructions and I have to do it all good Google account involved got to see you 😊 that I can 😊
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