Episode 18: Xbox Dev Kit Mode

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Join us as we talk with two of the developers behind Xbox Dev Kit Mode. Xbox Dev Kit mode enables anyone to start building games on Xbox One. We'll talk about what you need to get started, see a demo of how to get up and running, and find out how you can provide feedback and share what your creating!

Show Notes:

  • [00:34] - What is Xbox Dev Kit mode?
  • [01:45] - What do I need to get Started
  • [02:39] - Demo
  • [16:45] - What most excited the developers?
  • [19:26] - Xbox Dev Mode is currently in Preview: what is the schedule?

Ready to get started?

We can't wait to see what you create and don't forget to share your creations using #XboxDevMode





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The Discussion

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    What is the relationship between dev mode and the other XBOX One preview releases?

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    Right now the Dev Mode release roughly corresponds to the preview release, but we may change that in the future.

    We love feedback so let us know what you think!

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    The IdXbox page not found, please check the issue. Regards !

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    @Rotiux:Links have been fixed, please try it now 

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    Thanks!. Regards.

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    Just for fun I slowed down the "magic of television" section where they sped up the update.

    "Right, so what I want you to do is... launch visual studio, and then right click on solution, go to properties, and then debugging."

    That was boring and lame. Couldn't you guys hide a secret message in there, like talk about who really assassinated JFK and how taxation is theft? But nope, just boring old walking someone through visual studio. LAME!

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    So can we connect to that console since we have the IP and PIN from the video?

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