Episode 22: MonoGame

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Join us as we talk with Tom from Sickhead games to talk about MonoGame support for Xbox One. We'll then chat with the developers of Axiom Verge and Flinthook about their process using MonoGame.
If you are interested in using this to make a game for Xbox please reach out to ID@Xbox so that you can get your game approved to ship on Xbox!  (hyperlink ID@Xbox to point to Xbox.com/id)
For more information visit www.monogame.net or email Xbox@monogame.net  to get started
  • [00:22] What is MonoGame, info about it coming to Xbox and how can you get started
  • [05:03] GDC Interview with Dan talking about AXIOM VERGE coming out to Xbox One usingMonoGame
  • [07:05] E3 Interview with JF talking about FlintHook





The Discussion

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    MonoGame team are gods, especially when Microsoft dropped all us Indie Game developers with the loss of XNA. But many of us are being seduced by Unity (albeit script based), with Physics engines, and beautiful Terrain maps.

    I would return to Monogame, bottom up game development freedom if it could support great Terrain maps and Physics engines.

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    Yeah just like that. Epic stuff.

    OK count me impressed, so I will now look into understanding how to integrate the DigitalRune engine and those Terrains into MonoGame.

    Note I have to say the MonoGame is not selling itself so well on its own documentation/ Tutorial site if its not obvious that (and how) these other beautiful frameworks can be integrated.

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