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Join us at GDC 2017 as we honor three amazing developers with ID@Xbox Gaming For Everyone Awards. We talk with the award winners about their games, chat with Katy Jo Wright the director of Gaming for Everyone at Xbox, and Mark DeLoura the winner of the 2017 Game Developer Ambassador Award.  We'll dive into accessibility as well as how we as game developers can harness our abilities to develop games that can share our unique perspectives, raise the voices of others, and change the world!

[00:11] Katie Stone Perez and Chris Charla present ID@Xbox's Gaming for Everyone Award

[03:25] Interview with Culture Shock Games about We are Chicago 

Culture Shock Games has created a game that showcases the harsh realities of growing up on the south side of Chicago. The game was created using real stories, putting you into the shoes of a young boy about to graduate high school when his best friend goes missing.  http://www.wearechicagogame.com/ 

[05:27] Interview with Out Of Sight Games about A Hero's Call  

The developers of A Hero's Call grew up loving games, especially epic fantasy RPGs. After losing their sight, these games became impossible for them to play, and they were unable to find any accessible games that fulfilled these desires. Thus, they set out to make a game like those they remembered playing; one that would delight blind and sighted gamers alike. A Hero's Call is an epic RPG with deep narrative gameplay that is engaging for all.  For sighted gamers, it provides an enlightening glimpse into the creation of accessible games. http://outofsightgames.com/a-heros-call/

[08:48] Interview with Kenny Roy from Arconyx about I, Hope 

I, Hope is a beautiful coming of age adventure story about a young girl named Hope, whose town has been taken over by Cancer. The game is engaging for all, yet for survivors and children who are currently battling cancer, the game is empowering. The developer has truly set out to make a game that kids can play while receiving cancer treatments; something to distract them, but at the same time, put them back in control of their battle. In addition to this being a great game, the developer is donating all their profits from the game to Game Changer, a wonderful non-profit organization whose mission is to spread hope and love to children staying in hospitals. Watch for this game to come to Xbox One!

[10:49] Interview with Katy Jo Wright from #TeamXbox about Gaming For Everyone

[12:05] Interview with Mark DeLoura, winner of the 2017 Game Developer Ambassador Award, former Senior Advisor for Digital Media to President Barack Obama


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