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Play Gaming for Everyone: Blacks in Gaming GDC Feature

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    Ótimo, seu vídeo, parabéns .

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    Woow! It's a very inspirational story, I love it. I'm running the Hackdó Foundation and the next month we will start to teaching game development to under representation people at Chocó -the african inside Colombia- it will be nice to get in contact with this community of Black Games. How can in reach them?

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    Jerry Lawson the inventor of the cartridge based gaming console. What a powerful story. I am very proud of Microsoft and the XBOX community for bringing this recognition forward. It's one of several clear examples that to be the best technology company, you must be as diverse and inclusive as possible. As we build on others we must remember and recognize the sources of innovation or we will fall victim to bias. Ideation and innovation is never biased. So as we launch products like Skype and MS teams we should honor pioneers like Mary Croak who invented VOIP to make this possible and as we inspire to be cloud and mobile first we should honor Henry T. Sampson the man that invented the technology to make cellular communications possible.
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    Ed Smith


    I, along with Jerry Lawson was one of only two African Americans to work in the design of video games and personal computers during the 1970s. You can check out my story and let me know if you wish to have an interview or a Podcast -



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